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What's your favorite all time song?

Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal"

Who are your music influences?

Michael, of course. 2 Pac, for sure.

Why these two above all the rest?

I have always been a huge 2 Pac fan for the simple fact he kept it so real
and talked about our society and the things that were going on around
him. I've also been a big Michael Jackson fan through the years. He was
head and shoulders before his time and made such great music. To me,
these artists continue to stand the test of time.

Your musical perspective seems to be getting more and more focused
compared to your earlier songs. What caused this?

My life is more focused in general. I'm married with three kids. That
tends to make me more focused in everything I do. Musically, right now
to I want to make great music. I have a message to get across, so i knew
I had to really focus on every aspect of this album.

What's the background behind the
Who's That? album?

This is my debut album as a solo artist, so this album needed to cut to
the core and be as hot as possible...the verses and songs so sizzling it's
as if I were throwing flame, hence the name Flamethrower.

Give some background behind several of the main songs?

"I Know" is the first single from the album. It's all about the fact that I've
been in the rap game over 10 years now and have seen and done it all
with different groups. But now this is my time to shine.
"Love Makes" is
a very real look at love gone bad. I also have a powerful song on the
album called
"Cold, Cold World" that people really seem to like.

How about some info on the album project's producer?

This album was produced by my man Big Shine right here in Port Arthur,
Texas at his studio, The Dungeon, and at 100% Certified Studios, also in  
Port Arthur with the great Kennedy "K-$hellz" Shelton. Both Big Shine
and K-$hellz have wonderful ears for the music and a true
understanding about the music we are creating, and I could not have
done this album without either of them.

What should people expect when they come to your shows?

High octane high energy. I give all I got in my shows and really try to get
the crowd involved. You can really expect to have a great time when you
come to my shows.

What are some of your goals?

I want to make great music that stands the test of time. I want to
encourage people to not only enjoy themselves as they listen, but also
to make them think and open their minds. I'd love to win the awards and
touch the masses with my music, and mainly I want to reach the point
that someday I can look back on my career and hopefully left my mark on
the industry.