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What a great weekend! Shows, interviews,
promoting, networking, autograph signing,
picture taking, working on the new video of
SUPA by J-Rich Da Pit and Omar Sparks and
just hanging with The Supahiphop family.

Much love to everyone at Houston's 2nd
Annual American Bully Dog Show for showing
SUPA HipHop awesome support!

Big shout outs to my peeps Big Shine, J-Rich
Da Pit, Omar, PieMan, NewYork, Carlwayne,
Key-Lo, FEET, my Cousin Jake and the security
team, and the whole SUPA HIPHOP FAM...

We held it down out there with the big dogs
from H-town music and 97.9 The Box...

Much love to all the local artist and out of town
acts for the support.

And, much respect to Surreal, J-Dawg, Big
Pokey, and Yungstar for the love.

Most of all, a special thanks to George Mosley
for putting us on this incredible event!
J-Dawg with SUPA
Yungstar with SUPA
George Mosley
with SUPA
Papa Reu with SUPA
Big Pokey with SUPA
SUPA interviewed by
97.9 The Box and other
major news outlets