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    “It’s been great getting to
    know SUPA, and I can’t wait
    for a much larger marketplace
    to get to know him, as well.
    He’s genuine. Solid to the core.
    Straight to the heart. And we
    are excited to be part of what
    we know will be an explosion
    during the coming weeks and

Producer, director, editor and art director, Paula co-
founded Pajama Studios with James Gardiner in 1993.
With 20+ years' experience in the music and film
industries, she has produced and directed professional
marketing packages for artists, press kits, photo shoots,
documentaries and music videos to an extensive roster
of artists, from A-list major labels to indie projects. Ms.
Telander is a mentor on the business side of studio
operations, including artist relations and artist image

SUPA is the latest to step into the famed Pajama Studios!