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    "I had the pleasure of seeing SUPA perform
    for the first time in a showcase in the
    Poconos. Every now and then I run across
    an artist that I feel has vision, passion and
    creativity. SUPA has these qualities, coupled
    with his respect for music's industry. He's a
    breath of fresh air for the listening audience.
    When I saw him perform, I not only heard but
    also felt something special. So I look forward
    to hearing great things from and about him
    in the future! Stay you, SUPA, and you'll stay
    blessed! T-3 Peace!"

(This legendary rap pioneer was a member of the Treacherous Three,
known primarily for monster hits such as "At the Party," "New Rap
Language," "Turning You On" and "Gotta Rock." Remembered as
originators of fast rapping, T3 was the first to represent lyrical rap and
the first to perform in such places as Brazil, Holland, Burmuda and
dozens of other countries. They directly influenced MCs such as T La
Rock, LL Cool J and Rakim, and continue to impact artists today!)

    "L.A. Sunshine is one of the true music biz legends.
    You gotta get his powerful autobiography today!"

    Says Chris Rock about L.A. Sunshine's book:
    "I am one of those lucky people that got to experience
    Hip Hop music before there were any rap records. My
    friends and I risked our lives to see shows on the
    block, in the parks, and in the recreation rooms. At the
    time, Hip Hop was in its early stages and was closer to
    the punk rock movement than anything else. The first
    time I saw The Treacherous Three they reminded me of
the David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks, and their Temptations, and unlike
any other group I saw at the time, they had tight choreography and
stage costumes that told you they were stars. There might have been
bigger names making records back then, but to me, there was no
group better than The Treacherous Three."

Writes Chuck D:
"L.A. Sunshine is a modern day griot reflecting upon a time when
mainstream media did not cover the urban perspective. His voice is
necessary; his mind has been sharpened by the insight and critical
competition of his contemporaries in his classic trio, The Treacherous
Three. It did not hurt that Kool Moe Dee and Special K were the earliest
of Hip Hop intellectuals, they never dumbed-down for any audience
anywhere! In fact, they made everything and everyone surrounding the
rap game step up, making many afraid to rhyme if displaying a Dumb
and Dumber style."

Dmc says:
"As a member of The Treacherous Three, L.A. was the personification
of his name, Sunshine; it fit him like a glove, and he shed light like the
sun always bringing the brightness to the group. I am smiling right now
because I did not have to go back and listen to his rhymes to re-
familiarize myself with them, because those lines are embedded in my
head for life."