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For years he has been
an activist voice in Hip Hop music.

Appearing with top stars as Z-Ro, K-Rino,
Paul Wall, J-Dawg, Killa Kyleon, Lucky
Luciano, Big Pokey, DJ Jazzy Redd,
Mindless Behavior and more,
Supa continues his storied rise toward
the top of thehip hop world.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Supa
grew up on all genres of music. From
Public Enemy to the Beach Boys, from
Prince to Johnny Cash, Supa listened to
and developed a deep passion for all
music, but Hip Hop captured his heart
and soul. At the early age of 12 he wrote
and performed his first song and
hasn’t stopped since.
Supa moved to Texas in 1998 where he linked
up with Submission Flow Syndicate, a local hip
hop movement in Galveston. He and fellow
member Premonition formed the group the
Cancerous Clic. Next he was one half of the
group Shooters Tour. He and lyricist NiMo
released the album,
The Wake Up Call, still
considered an underground classic.

After moving to the music-rich Golden Triangle
of Texas, Supa released his debut solo album,
Who's That? Supa and his producer Shine
blended a unique style and passion for music
into what has been called, “a fresh, one-of-a-
kind, classic album!” The video for “I Know”
received a quarter-million hits shortly after
being posted on YouTube, signaling a growing
worldwide audience for Supa’s popular blend of
great beats, great songs and real-life lyrics.
Both “I Know” and “Who’s That?” songs
received heavy airplay on major radio stations
across the country, igniting an even larger fan

Now Supa has released his most talked-about
records to date, the
Back2Basics Mixtape,
sharing the microphone with up-and-comers
Big Shine, Smoov Clericusio, K-$hellz, F.E.E.T,
Tra’Mayne Williams, T. Cole and Pie Man.
Already two videos from the mixtape project
have been seen by over 200,000 viewers.

James Gardiner, (producer for Master P, Tupac
Shakur and Beyoncé) says, “It’s Supa’s time,
and he’s the real thing!”

L.A. Sunshine (legendary rap pioneer and
member of the Treacherous 3) agrees, “He's a
breath of fresh air. I look forward to hearing
great things from Supa in the future!”

Within seconds of hearing his recordings or
seeing him in person, you too will understand
why industry insiders and fans alike are calling
Supa “the future of Hip Hop!"